Payments at scale

Sending payments made easy

We have experience in guiding nearly $150M in payments into the hands of recipients. Whether you want to send 100 or 100,000 payments we scale to meet your needs.

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Scale disbursements with the click of a button

Your Payees

We can collect payee information for you or you can come with a list of recipients. Let us know who to pay and we'll work out how.

Varied Payments

We have flexible payments to meet the needs of your users. Check, ACH, Debit Cards, Paypal, and RTP to name a few

Unified Ledger

Know the status of every payment sent with access to a real time ledger. As soon as we know the status of the payments so do you!
Our Experience

109,000+ people funded with over $145 million disbursed to those in need.

With Scholar Fund, we work with you step-by-step through the process. From application design and review to disbursement and reporting your program is tailored to fit your needs. We help you plan ahead so you can achieve your goals--and celebrate them!

Custom payments to suite your needs.

We specialize in quick high volume disbursements for recipients that need different ways to access their funds. With a community centered approach we ensure to offer access to those with and without access to traditional banking.

We focus on compliance so you don't have to.
Diverse payment methods: Checks, Direct Deposit, Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, Virtual Gift Cards, Paypal, and Venmo.
Privacy First

We ensure client details are always secure

Our payment tools are licensed money transfer agents that process more than $100B in payments per year. Each payment platform is PCI compliant, SOC2 certified., and monitored constantly for data access controls

360 Experiences

Personalized Customer Support

All your needs covered with a fully featured customer support.

Lifestyle Benefits :
Integrate your own customer support team. We'll give you the insight you need to serve your applicants.
Custom FAQ's and ticketing systems to give your agents everything they need for success.
Our Benefits :
We provide phone, text, and email customer support in over 100 languages.
From technical, financial, and programatic we're happy to help your members with anything they need.
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360 Experiences

Branded Payment Experience

Tailored to bring your design to the forefront of user experience

Your Design:
Have a logo and a color scheme? We'll customize the payment experience to match your brand so clients know who their payments are from.
Everything from notifications and status updates are set in your look and feel for a fully white labeled approach.
We can use our in-house design team to customize the look and feel of the payment experience for your program
We'll use our standard payment logo or create one custom to your program.
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Use Cases

Build the perfect program for your members

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Relief Funds
Purchase your dream house
Get the lowest interest rates
Cash Assistance
Finance your vehicle with easy loans
Get bonus discounts and vouchers
Universal Basic Income
Study abroad with access to funds
Pay back conveniently as you grow
Rent Relief
Fuel your growth with  funding
Get guidance from experts
Customer Story

Cannot recommend Banksy enough!

“ It's been 2 years since I found Banksy, and it's such a relief as a small business owner to not worry about unnecessary fees. I lost my credit card once, and the service was so prompt that I was back to work the next day!
Melanie Shaw
Design Lead @ Apple
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“ We'll do the work of saving for them each month.When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money “
Joe Fisher
Product Manager @ Nike
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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter. See all questions here!
How many payments can you process?

We use industry tested payment processing platforms that process more than $100 billion in payments yearly. We can scale to meet your needs whether you need 1-100,000 checks, 75,000 direct deposits, 50,000 prepaid cards, or anything in-between.

What is your customer service number?

You can text us at 1800-XXXX-XXX or email us at and we'll be there to help you out.

What type of payments do you support?

We're flexible to your needs and currently support: Checks, Direct Deposit, Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, Virtual Gift Cards, Paypal, and Venmo.

Can we send varied payments?

Absolutely! Whether you want each recipient to be awarded the same or each of them to have different amounts we can make it happen.